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Gold Dust / Nuggets / Bars / AU Gold

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Gold Dust / Nuggets / Bars / AU Gold

Post Time:2011-09-05

Valid Date:2011-09-15

Area: United Kingdom»

Category: Minerals & Metallurgy»Nonferrous & Rare Metals

Keyword: GOLD DUST gold BARS dust bars Gold Dust Gold Nuggets Gold Bars CIF 

First Class Delivery

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Amount 5000
Packing Instruction IN BULK
Price USD1000
Product Specification
Product ID
Place of Production AFRICA

I am the mandated representative of a United Kingdom Commodities Company. I require serious raw gold sellers / miners who have the financial ability to perform full CIF transactions with no up-front payments direct to one of the top 5 world refineries.

Commodity: AU Gold dust/nuggets/bars

Purity: Minimum 95% or plus (23 carat or plus)

Price: NEGOTIABLE, to apply for each kilo of pure gold returned by the refinery, via CIF terms.

Quantity: 5kg trial shipment, seller's choice, followed by a monthly long term contract subject on seller's capabilities

Delivery: CIF LONDON, UK. Seller or his representative to accompany the goods, and will witness all the processes. Payment in full via BWT (Bank Wire Transfer). Sellers expenses will be reimbursed after final assay.

Assay: Final assay to be made at buyers refinery in London.

Payment: Within 24 hours via BWT (Bank Wire Transfer) to the seller's bank account upon insurance of satisfactory assay report from refinery.

Sellers obligation: No Banking instrument will be issued. POF and Proof of Payment will be via a direct letter from the refinery to the actual seller stating that the refinery will buy all the gold from the buyer and therefore payment is guaranteed. Export taxes, freight cost, insurance, and all expenses during exportation to the buyer destination. No request for upfront payments will be made to the buyer. These costs should be incorporated into the KG cost of the gold.

Buyer obligation: All duties taxes, documentation costs, customs clearance, VAT taxes, taxes in airport of destination and security transport from airport to the refinery, is for the account of the buyer.

Summary: We DO NOT travel or pay any upfront expenses such as export taxes, duties or documentation costs, accommodation etc. Buyer is prepared to reimburse the sellers air ticket & accommodation costs after the final assay.

We will never make any kind of payment in advance, before the safe delivery and final assay of the gold at our refinery. We will not issue ANY type of financial guarantee or instrument. Confirmation of the buyers refinery account can be given. This confirmation in itself is a guarantee that full prompt payment will be made. The buyer operates under the framework of the ICC and payment default is inconceivable.

No guarantee is required since you will be in control of your Gold until you get paid. (Title of your Gold does not transfer until you get paid). Serious sellers will be issued with a LOI /RWA / Payment Guarantee document that complies with ICC regulations. Also I will personally meet any willing seller at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) or London Gatwick Airport (LGW) and be involved in the whole process.

Any genuine seller seeking to enter into a long term business relationship is welcome to contact / send your formal FCO on the actual end seller’s company letterhead direct to me at: Upon acceptance of the FCO that matches my procedures I will issue a formal SPA signed by the buyer.

If you are prepared to do CIF under this condition then contact me for more details and a copy of the buyers SPA / Refinery guarantee verbiage. If possible I request a FCO matching this procedure.

Fake sellers / brokers please do not contact me as I am aware of how you operate and you will be ignored.


Scammers / brokers / intermediaries please do not waste your time or mine by trying to alter the purchase procedures. Do not request for advance payments for transportation, sales taxes, accommodation while documents are processed etc. Under strict conditions I may be prepared to pay for the seller’s representative air ticket after confirmation the export documentation is in order. My procedures are strict, but I assure any interested seller that they are dealing with a 100% genuine ready, willing and able buyer.

It is a fact that genuine mine owners can facilitate all the export costs without requesting upfront expenses. These genuine sellers are the people I seek and I kindly request that you contact me to enter into a long term contract to supply.

Thank you.

Ross Bowat

First Class Delivery

+44 (0) 7889 370640


Contact Info

Contact: Mr. Ross Bowat
Tel: (0044)7889-370640
Zipcode: SW17
Address:By Appointment

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