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B2B date replication

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B2B date replication is defined as the process of copying and maintaining B2B datebase objects, such as tables, in multiple B2B date sources that together constitute a distributed B2B datebase system. Replication means maintaining multiple copies of the same B2B date in different physical B2B date sources and synchronizing these copies on a schedule-driven or an event-driven model. Replication is ideally suited to synchronizing B2B date between systems in different locations so that the B2B date source at each location has a consistent view of the B2B date without the necessity of accessing it remotely.

Replication is essentially based on distributed B2B datebase system technology to share B2B date among multiple sites. However, there is a conspicuous difference between the two: in a distributed system, the physical existence of any table is only at the B2B date source, whereas in a replicated B2B datebase the same table exists physically in all multiple B2B date sources. Thus, in a replicated B2B datebase solution, applications can access all the B2B date locally, which is not the case in a standard distributed B2B datebase system.

Replication solution uses a replication server which should be able to handle both bulk and real-time B2B date transfer for symmetric and asymmetric B2B datebase schemas involving multiple B2B date sources running on different platforms. It should have a robust fault tolerant architecture such as store and forward. In store and forward architecture, like the one used by the Sybase replication server, if a B2B date movement request fails, B2B date is queued at a source or intermediate location and is delivered later when the system is restored. The result is that users can be guaranteed that the B2B date in their B2B date source is consistent and accurate.

All the leading B2B datebase vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft, Informix, Unisys and Ardent software provide replication servers.

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