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B2B Process Integration Patterns

Source:BtoB B2B(2010-12-10)Categories:[B2B News] Keyword: B2B

B2B process integration can take place in various ways and at various levels of hierarchy and sophistication. The two most commonly used patterns of B2B process integration are closed process B2B or open process B2B, as described below.

The closed process, also know as private process, based integration occurs when the organization manages processes internally and externalizes the key process activities only through the data exchange gateway. The arrangement with closed process B2B is that the organization within its setup is able to track the status of business process activities internally. Appropriate and relevant business activities are shared by the partner organizations with the data exchange gateway.

The open process, also know as public process, based integration occurs when the organization creates the potential for sharing processes among multiple B2B corporate entities. The management of processes is shared by the corporate entities, which requires the BPI products to be implemented within each organization.

In an open process-based integration pattern, the processes internal to the organization continue to be internal and can only be viewed and reviewed internally. However, processes external to the organization are shared by the business partners and can be viewed and reviewed by all entities involved.

Open process-based integration is more suitable for B2B applications. It gives higher flexibility to create and manage more complex and enhanced relationships among business partners.

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