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B2B Process Integration

Source:BtoB B2B(2010-12-08)Categories:[B2B News] Keyword: B2B

Business process integration is a mechanism of integrating an organization's internal and external business processes with those of the business partners by sharing business information based on rules among diverse business systems. Business strategy and goals play an equally important role as technology in achieving successful B2B based on process integration. BPI aims to achieve integration based on business rules that help to improve the way business is done and make it more efficient. To achieve BPI-based B2B, companies have to go through a systematic and gradual implementation of business process management.

BPI is more advanced than data oriented integration and application oriented integration since logic and reasoning of conducting business are included in this type of integration. It removes the limitations inherent in data integration or application integration types by focusing on the actual processes and not just the data.

BPI is achieved through a much larger initiative involving the designing, modeling, automating, executing and monitoring of business processes. A single instance of BPI, i.e., a business process such as order management that has been integrated, may require several applications to be integrated at different levels and multiple steps of data transfer from one data source to another.

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