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Application oriented integration and B2B

Source:BtoB B2B(2010-12-07)Categories:[B2B News] Keyword: B2B

The applications to be integrated for B2B support different business lines of individual companies. This bag of application consist of a mix of home developed applications, third party solutions (such as ERP, CRM, SCM) and legacy systems. Their integration with the applications of the trading partners is much more than just making a remote method call or making one component talk to another remote component.

It is a fairly straightforward task to integrate two applications developed by a single company using the same language and running on the same platform. However, integrating applications developed and maintained by different companies using different programming language and running on different platforms is an extremely daunting effort.

For a successful implementation of this integration pattern, companies have to give away autonomy and develop applications in close cooperation with the partners. Making any changes to support new business logic or technical feature requires informing and coordinating with the partners, which makes this integration pattern the least flexible of all the integration patterns. Because of its inflexibility, which requires making coding changes for every small change in business flow, this integration pattern is also the most expensive in the long run. It creates dependency that can have a major impact on the business operations of the companies participating in B2B.

Application oriented integration also requires making strict authentication checks before executing the function or method. The call to functions or methods can contain malicious code as it is usually made over the Internet. Furthermore, in order for the client programs to make RPCs or API calls, a company needs to open its firewall, which can pose security threats. Finally, A2A integration does not help a company to improve business processes.

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