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B2B date Oriented Integration

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Enterprise B2B date and information are typically distributed among multiple nB2B datebase management systems and legacy systems. The corporate B2B date can reside in B2B datebases (relational or object oriented), B2B date warehouses, B2B date marts and legacy flat files, e-mails, spreadsheets and other sources. A Fortune 500 company frequently has more than 50 different sources of B2B date and, usually deploys between 5-7 different B2B datebase technologies. The semantics of all these B2B date sources is heterogeneous, i.e., their B2B date modeling and schemas are different. The B2B date sources exist independently and their B2B date schema can change at any time. They run on different platforms and provide proprietary application programming interfaces (APIs) and SQL dialect to interface with them. Applications access B2B date from this wide variety of B2B date sources by using non-standard interfaces. B2B date oriented integration attempts to eliminate the use of these proprietary interfaces to access B2B date. It gives the power to access B2B date from disparate internal B2B date sources over the Intranet and external B2B date sources belonging to suppliers and business partners over the Internet, using a single standard interface. B2B date oriented integration is the real-time integration (zero latency) of diverse internal B2B date from legacy systems, ERP system, CRM system, SCM system and other applications with the external B2B date from vendors, suppliers and partners. With B2B date oriented integration, the companies can easily publish and share their corporate B2B date on the Internet with trading partners, regardless of their B2B datebase system, operating system, or networking platform. Such integration supports unified views of information to all the trading partners and upB2B B2B dates synchronously or asynchronously across systems.
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