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What is B2B E-commerce?

Source:BtoB B2B(2010-09-05)Categories:[B2B News] Keyword: B2B

B2B e-commerce is being talked about everywhere. And it is not just jargon — it is the next level in the e-business revolution, when businesses collaborate with business partners in real-time and put management of all their processes online — from supply chain and purchasing to manufacturing and product development — for increased control, rapid response, improved efficiency, global intelligence and unprecedented cost savings. B2B e-commerce is a revolution, similar in magnitude to the Industrial Revolution, that will fundamentally change relationships among business partners — how they exchange information, collaborate, communicate and close transactions.

B2B e-commerce is an acronym for business-to-business, a type of e-commerce involving a transaction from one business to another via the Internet. Thus, it occurs when systems of two or more businesses exchange information electronically that, directly or indirectly, results in a transaction. Multiple organizations can exchange information as part of a single transaction. A transaction in B2B e-commerce can involve traditional purchases and other related business activities such as request for a quote, setup of new accounts, order management and status information. A transaction generally is real-time, but based on the transaction requirement, the aggregation and distribution of data across companies may not be real-time. B2B e-commerce can be as basic as a manufacturer putting up a bare-bones Internet site to let distributors securely order a handful of products, or it can be as complex as a distributor offering company specific pricing and content, complex product configurations and real time access to inventory levels for its entire product line to thousands of customers.

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